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Tide Original Scent HE Laundry Detergent - Toxicity & IngredientsAs America’s #1 detergent (as claimed by P&G), tide liquid laundry detergent has 10x the cleaning power and engineered to attack tough body soils. This translates to increased toxicity, since the chemicals in this Tide laundry detergent are extremely potent and ... Read More
September 25, 2019Toxic Goods


Windex Original Glass Cleaner - Toxic Chemical IngredientsWindex is a glass and hard-surface cleaner. Windex was invented by the Drackett Company in 1933 and has been marketed throughout the intervening decades. The original Windex was colored a light, translucent shade of blue. Today, there are varieties marketed in several colors ... Read More
September 24, 2019Toxic Goods